Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Acquiring property in a foreign country naturally raises various questions. Fortunately, our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section covers nearly all of them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming An Owner & Community Member:

Do I get title ownership for the lot I am purchasing?

Yes. Once the purchase is finalized, your name will be recorded as the title owner of the lot.

Who owns the property?

You have 100% ownership of the land and the home. La Aldea owns all the communal spaces and additional land on the property.

How big are the lots?

La Aldea is a minimalistic community with Lots of various sizes:
- Small Sized Lots 450 - 890 sq.metres
- Medium Sized Lots 1200 - 1500 sq.metres
- Large Sized Lots 2000-2300 sq.metres

Can I subdivide my property?

According to both the community bylaws and the municipality regulations, subdivision of your property is not permitted.

What are the estimated monthly HomeOwners Association fees?

The monthly fees for 2-bedroom units are set at $250, while 3-bedroom units will have a monthly fee of $350. These fees cover various services provided by the HOA, including security, landscaping, and general maintenance of La Aldea's property, such as managing communal services like shared workspaces, gardens, and roads. Additionally, a handyman will be available on call as part of the HOA Monthly Fees to address any immediate issues that may arise.

What other fees may apply?

It is advisable to perform general maintenance on your house after the wet season and before the onset of the dry season. The presence of jungle surroundings and the effects of saltwater can have a negative impact on your home and property. Please note that this maintenance will incur an extra charge in addition to the HOA fee structure. La Aldea has implemented a yearly maintenance schedule for all our community homes, and the associated costs will be distributed equitably, ensuring a fair fee for general maintenance.

Is there a Community Committee or Property Management in charge of overseeing the community's operations?

A Community Committee will be established, open to all residents who wish to apply, with quarterly meetings dedicated to discussing ways to sustain and enhance the La Aldea community.

In addition, an in-house Property Management team will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the community. Their role will encompass handling the community's administrative matters and managing properties on behalf of owners who choose to generate rental income from their villas. Rest assured that you will retain ownership of your house, and you will have the freedom to make decisions within your own property. While we will establish general rules and guidelines to promote harmonious co-living in La Aldea with the guests staying in your home.

Can I rent out my house when we are not living there?

Certainly! If you wish to generate income by renting out your property when you're not using it, La Aldea offers property management services. Managing a successful rental business involves meeting numerous criteria, which can be time-consuming. La Aldea will handle the entire process on your behalf, including advertising, cleaning, renting, guest check-ins and check-outs, and providing comprehensive reports. In exchange for these services, there will be a 25% fee based on the booking price.

Rest assured that we are experienced in utilizing various online rental platforms that have strict screening protocols, such as Airbnb,, and VRBO.

When can I sell my property and home?

You have the flexibility to sell your property whenever you desire. The same registration approval process that you went through when purchasing the property will also be applicable to potential buyers. Our team can provide you with a list of interested buyers, or you may bring your own buyer. However, it is necessary for La Aldea's Ownership to approve any new buyers. This measure is in place to uphold the community's ethos of living in harmony with one another.

Do I need to have residency status in order to own land and a home in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica, there are no restrictions on who can purchase and own land and homes. According to Costa Rican law, you have the option to apply for residency after investing $150,000 or more in any property. While residency is not required to enter the country, tourists typically receive a 3-month visitor stamp from border agents. Applying for residency is a relatively straightforward and cost-effective process. There are various types of residencies available, and our team can connect you with our recommended residency lawyers who can help initiate the process for you.


Is the developer the legal owner of the land designated for La Aldea?

Yes. The developer has secured the land on which La Aldea is being built.

Is the land that I’m buying free of any debts, claims or litigation?

Yes. La Aldea has done all due diligence and has gone through all the legal processes to acquire the land.

Are all taxes paid for the property I’m buying or being part of?


How long would it take to register the property once I sign the agreement?

All land/title transfers are done with lawyers in Costa Rica. Their land registry system is extremely efficient and well organized. After signing, you will have a contract in hand and a copy of that title is electronically and physically sent to the municipality to be officiated.


What are the closest airports to Nosara?

Costa Rica has two international airports. Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, located in Liberia, Guanacaste is the closest and just over 2 hours drive to Nosara.

You could also fly into Juan Santamaría International Airport, located in San Jose. Depending on where you fly from, each airport has different internal flights throughout the country. From San Jose, you can take a 40-minute domestic flight into Nosara.

How long is the flight from NYC, LA, Toronto, Europe?

Toronto 5.5 hours, New York under 5 hours, Los Angeles 6 hours and Europe 10 Hours.

Do I need a vaccination?

Costa Rica does not require visitors to have a Covid-19 test, vaccination, or travel insurance. It is recommended to purchase travel health insurance before arriving in Costa Rica.

I would like to visit the property, is that possible?

You can visit anytime! It is essential to arrange the visit well in advance with the founder of La Aldea, Andrew Christoforou. You can email to schedule your site visit


Who is behind La Aldea?

The founders, Andrew & Stacy, are on the same journey as you reading this document. In 2020 when the world quickly shifted many of us who landed in Costa Rica. They were seeking an alternative way of living for their family that embodied their conscious lifestyle.

Andrew & Stacy’s journey began when they co-founded TmrwTday, a highly intentional global community of like-hearted souls that illustrate a new way of being through real life connections and holistic retreat experiences all over the world.  

During these transformative times, they deeply tuned into their intuition for guidance and where they were meant to be. They were led to this beautiful 44-acre property and are humbled to be developing the village of the future.

What is the mission behind La Aldea?

We believe the secrets of the future are found in the wisdom of the past. La Aldea seamlessly blends age-old traditions, contemporary comforts, and forward-thinking solutions, culminating in an ecosystem that ignites a fresh way of existence.

ReGenerative Villages such as ours are the physical manifestation of this ideal new standard of living. The ultimate ‘community’ experiment. One that is based on ‘Building a conscious, regenerative, abundant future that combines ancient wisdom with modern technology would involve creating a society that is in harmony with nature, promotes social equity, fosters human well-being, and ensures a regenerative relationship with the planet.’

Our mission is straightforward: to live in perfect harmony with the local community, the natural world and its untamed wonders.

What are the benefits of joining the La Aldea Community?

We believe Community is the new Currency and living in a small, minimalist eco-village for most of the year is the way of the future. You will be joining a community of like-hearted, free spirited humans who are charting a new way of life for themselves and their families.

Nestled amidst the breathtaking San Juan Mountain Range, 500 meters above sea level, our eco-village offers a serene living environment. It provides a comfortable alternative to coastal living, with the beach, restaurants and shops just a short 15-minute drive away. During the peak season, the temperature remains cooler, with little to no dust and less pesky mosquitos.

We prioritize the utmost reverence for the land and its wildlife, reflected in the design and construction of our homes and communal spaces. Embracing the unique weather patterns of Guanacaste throughout the year, our homes will be thoughtfully crafted to withstand all seasons. Even during the brief two to three weeks of rainfall in October, we ensure our homes are weather-resistant and promote natural airflow.

What will La Aldea’s Community spaces be like?

Perched atop the mountain, our community's meeting place offers breathtaking panoramic views of seven pristine beaches and an endless expanse of lush jungle. This magnificent two-story structure is designed to impress, featuring a vast infinity saltwater pool, serene zen lounge couches, a spacious dining area, private nomadic working space and a fully equipped events kitchen, all thoughtfully arranged on the first floor.

The second floor is equally captivating, boasting a versatile shala space that can accommodate a wide range of wellness experiences, community gatherings, workshops, and special events. Whether it's a rejuvenating yoga session, an inspiring workshop, or a memorable celebration, this multifunctional area provides the perfect setting for meaningful connections and enriching experiences.

The Communal Space's crown jewel lies in its walkout fire pit, suspended gracefully over the lush jungle below. Here, you can savor mesmerizing sunsets while gazing at the endless expanse of stars and galaxies that adorn the night sky. It's a breathtaking sanctuary that invites you to immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. 

At the bottom of the property lies an exquisite gift of nature - an all-natural freshwater spring and creek system that gracefully traverses the entire land. Along these waterways, a water temple awaits, complete with natural dipping pools.

Discover La Aldea's extensive 2.8km hiking trails, meandering through lush landscapes adorned with fruit trees and thoughtfully designed greenery. Gathering around the inviting fire pits for ceremonial moments adds a touch of enchantment to the community hiking experience, providing a delightful way to stay active and healthy.

Adding to the allure of La Aldea is the commitment to cultivating nourishing and wholesome sustenance through our very own Food Forest Gardens. Embrace the satisfaction of growing and consuming fresh, natural produce right within the community's embrace.

Upon the completion of the community, we envision the addition of a cutting-edge spa facility, offering a wide array of holistic treatment services, invigorating ice bath immersions, and the soothing warmth of an infrared sauna.

Where is La Aldea located?

Truly a hidden gem that lies atop the majestic San Juan Mountain Range boasting its very own microclimate and a rare abundance of water, a true rarity in Guanacaste. Only a short 20-minute drive away, you'll find the vibrant town of Playa Guiones and Pelada, offering a diverse array of amenities such as restaurants, surf and retail shops, a delightful farmers market every Tuesday, relaxing spas, and a selection of hotels and resorts.

Living in the mountains at La Aldea brings several unique advantages compared to residing in Guiones and Pelada. Firstly, you'll experience significantly less dust, ensuring a cleaner and more comfortable environment. Moreover, the high season heat becomes much more bearable with the cooler temperatures of the elevated location, making for a refreshing escape. Additionally, you'll encounter fewer mosquitos, allowing for more peaceful days and nights. The constant gentle breeze enhances the allure of this enchanting mountain retreat, creating a truly captivating living experience.

How will the houses be designed and built at La Aldea?

La Aldea's houses are thoughtfully built with sustainability in mind, from the very foundation to the rooftop, showcasing a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and time-honored elements that offer remarkable weather resistance.

You'll be presented with a choice between two and three bedroom home designs, that are adaptable to your lot, and both crafted by the renowned and award-winning team at Void Architects. Notably, Void Architects has been honored with the prestigious title of "Most Sustainable Architecture Firm in the World" by Build Magazine, ensuring that your home reflects a commitment to environmental consciousness and innovation.

Adding to the appeal is the gated property with round-the-clock security services, providing a sense of comfort and assurance for your family and investment. With La Aldea, you can relish in the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and safety.

Abundant nature surrounds you, peace and tranquility follow your every step as we have committed to preserving 88% of the property. Construction has been planned ahead so that as the community grows it will not stress the land, while continuously blending into the environment. The resale factor will only go up as the community’s roots grow deeper. Due to the fact that we are building such a large-scale project, we have already gone through painstaking efforts to secure top contractors, architects, and landscapers that we know can do the job and provide top-quality affordable finishes.

Can I customize my home to add rooms, features and esthetics?

At La Aldea, we welcome limited customization that aligns with our architecture and design guidelines. If you wish to customize your home, simply make a request, and once approved, our Architecture team will be at your service. Please note that any customization will incur an additional design fee.

Do you offer interior design services?

Our in-house interior design team collaborates closely with our architects. While this service is optional, if you choose to work with them to decorate and furnish your home, it will involve an additional fee.

Does my home come with appliances & furniture?

Your home purchase at La Aldea includes all appliances, such as a fridge, oven/stove, dishwasher, and clothes washer and dryer. However, furniture and decorative items will need to be purchased separately by you. For your convenience, we offer beautiful furnishings that align with our home designs sourced by us to help reduce costs for all the community homes.

As a Costa Rica Resident Investor, once your application is approved, you will have the privilege of importing a tax-free shipping container filled with household items.

Can I build a guest casita or small home on my property?

At present, building an additional dwelling outside of the home design is not permitted. However, we encourage you to make a request, and we will assess it based on your Lot Size. Meanwhile, we are constructing Guest Casitas on the property, providing a wonderful space for our community members to host their guests. The Nightly Rates will vary depending on the season.

Am I buying directly from La Aldea?

Indeed, we hold full ownership of the project/land and are personally handling all aspects of sales and marketing within our team. Additionally, we collaborate with reliable and highly experienced contractors, project managers and designers for the construction process.

If I’m not 100% satisfied with the construction at the end of the build what do I do?

La Aldea is dedicated to creating a meticulously planned and flawlessly executed community project. As a testament to our commitment, our construction firm offers a comprehensive 1-year warranty on all aspects of construction. The contract ensures absolute transparency, providing detailed information on finishes, sizes, construction materials, and more.

You can trust that the home you receive will perfectly match the specifications showcased in our unit document. If you are still not satisfied we will work directly with you and the construction company to solve any issues that are not in line with your purchase agreement.

Is La Aldea a family-friendly space?

Our aspiration is to establish an inclusive community that welcomes individuals from all walks of life, along with their families. La Aldea will remain flexible and committed to adapting our amenities to cater to the evolving needs of the community.

Recognizing that children are the future, we are dedicated to fostering a family-friendly environment that encourages harmonious living with nature.

Are you the only community in Nosara?

Fortunately, the community of Nosara is experiencing steady growth, both within the beach town and the mountain range alongside our development. The majority of the Nosara community embodies a conscious mindset that aligns perfectly with our ethos. In the spirit of collaboration, we eagerly plan to join forces with many of them, offering shared experiences that encompass an array of delights, from restaurants and shops to wellness, adventurous endeavors plus so much more.

What is the demographic for the investors who are wanting to purchase at La Aldea?

La Aldea Community appeals to conscious-minded and like-hearted humans from around the world, with a strong presence of Europeans, Americans, and Canadians. The community embodies a diverse range of ages and professional backgrounds. Our members, aged between 30 to 60 years old, form a delightful mix, including digital nomads, entrepreneurs, nature and wellness enthusiasts, families, and elders, contributing to a vibrant tapestry of experiences and perspectives.


What monthly income do you foresee on renting my home:

We project by our knowledge and research that the average percentage is around 14% return on your investment. Of course, this can vary depending on the season and type of rental, long term vs. short term.

Here are some standard long term rental rates and returns on an annual basis you can expect.

What do I need to know about Management fees and services?

La Aldea offers in-house property management services for investors who don't reside in the property year-round, charging a 20% fee. Many in Nosara own houses they use periodically, earning income through short-term rentals when unoccupied.

Our internal management covers short-term rentals for a minimum of 14 nights, handling all aspects like rental platforms, advertising, cleaning, maintenance, security checks, and essential services for a profitable rental business. This approach guarantees the highest returns for owners.

To advertise properties, our rental office utilizes platforms such as Airbnb, Vrbo, and Luxury Retreats, ensuring seamless management and protection for both the property and the community. Renters are selected in alignment with our community ethos for a well-managed and harmonious environment.


Is it possible to get a mortgage?

Exciting news! We are delighted to announce that we can now offer financing and mortgages for your lot and home purchase at La Aldea. The best part is that our financing rates are incredibly reasonable, and we have secured rates that have never been offered in Costa Rica before.

For more information on financing, please don't hesitate to contact us at We'll be more than happy to provide you with all the details you need.

At what point can I still back out of the deal?

Once the contract is signed, and the funds are transferred to us, the deal is considered closed, and you are fully committed to seeing the project through to its completion. In the event you decide to sell your property, we are here to assist you in finding the right buyer who shares our community's vision, values and is approved by our team.

What guarantees do you offer?

The construction company will provide guarantees on both the workmanship and materials utilized in the construction of our buildings. You can rest assured that your house and finishes will precisely resemble the one you witnessed in the model unit.

What extra costs will I incur?

Gas, electricity, cable, taxes, and internet services will be available at La Aldea. Your specific needs will determine the consumption requirements for gas, electricity, and water, and the corresponding prices will vary accordingly. While we do not personally provide cable and internet services, these amenities are well-established and can be easily installed by residents as needed.

What are additional utility costs i.e. electricity, water and gas per month?

In Costa Rica, electricity is cost-effective due to the country's reliance on 95% renewable energy sources. Consequently, we decided not to opt for solar power, as it comes with its unique challenges. The monthly electricity expenses will typically range from $50 during the low season to $200 in the high season.

Natural Gas Supply and water are very inexpensive. $10 in the low season to $30 in the high season.

Who is responsible for paying the utilities?

As a homeowner, you are responsible for covering all utilities within your property, including electricity, water, wifi, and others. However, communal expenses, financed through the HOA fees paid annually, will be taken care of by La Aldea.

When do I start making payments on my property?

If you are purchasing with your own money:
- You will pay the Lot Price in full. Depending on the price of the lot we can accept 50% down and 50% in 3 months.

If you are purchasing with financing:
You will work directly with the Lending Institution who will in turn pay La Aldea for the land and the construction company directly for building your home. 

Construction Payment Timeline:
Construction is broken down into four phases and 25% payments of the total cost of the construction. 

Payment 1: 25% when plans and permits have been presented.

Payment 2: 25% when the general base of the home has been completed.

Payment 3: 25% when the concrete floors and electric and sewage installations are finished.

Payment 4: 25% when the house is built and finished.

What is the income tax rate in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica's income tax rates follow a progressive structure, ranging from 0% to 25%. In terms of property taxes, they are incredibly low. You'll be required to pay a mere 0.25% property tax based on the value appraised and registered by the city, which is typically significantly lower than the actual value. For instance, if your property is valued at $200,000, it might be registered for $50,000 by the city, resulting in an annual tax payment of just $125.

What are and how much are closing costs?

Obtaining a condominium regime license will involve costs totaling 3.5% of the total investment. This includes 2.5% for transfer taxes and stamp fees and an additional 1% for legal fees.

What is the average cost to insure a home in the area?

The average cost of insuring a home in Nosara and surrounding areas is around $1,500 per year but can always vary depending on the details of the residence.

Construction Questions

What is the price per meter/foot for construction?

The cost per square meter for constructing your home ranges from $1400 to $1800, subject to material costs at the time of construction. While we acknowledge the significant pricing range, external factors such as the economy and supply chain can influence the final price. The advantage of purchasing with La Aldea is that we engage in bulk agreements for material orders and contracts, resulting in substantial cost savings for you.

Will my home look like the design renderings on the presentation deck and website?

To maintain a harmonious aesthetic within the village, we have opted for a uniform look for the houses. This decision ensures that the home designs seamlessly blend into the surrounding beauty and creates a stunning design and cohesive atmosphere among neighbors.

The home designs featured in our current presentations serve as inspiring examples of the direction we plan to take for our final homes. La Aldea is proud to present a selection of stunning and eco-friendly 2 and 3-bedroom home designs crafted by our award-winning Design team at Void Architects. Notably, Void Architects has been recognized as the most sustainable Architecture Firm by the esteemed media outlet, Build Magazine.

Once Void Architects finalizes and receives approval for the home designs, we will proudly showcase them in our feature presentations. We anticipate having the designs completed by either early December or early January.

How big are the villas?
  • 2-bedroom homes will range from 90 - 140 sq. meters (1000 - 1500 sq. feet) 

  • 3-bedroom homes will range from 160 - 210 sq. meters (1700 - 2250 sq. feet.)

Currently, we are in the home design phase, and unfortunately, interior design measurements and specifications are not yet available. We anticipate having them ready by December or early January.

Do all homes come with a pool?

Indeed, all home designs at La Aldea will offer the option of having a pool. However, we have chosen to make the pool optional because of the complexities and expenses associated with maintaining swimming pools in the jungle environment. Additionally, to complement your lifestyle, La Aldea will feature a spacious communal infinity saltwater pool, providing an alternative for relaxation and enjoyment.

What materials do you use for construction?

To minimize our environmental impact and ensure a durable foundation capable of withstanding the test of time and various weather conditions, we will use poured concrete for the foundation, employing only the necessary amounts. For the homes elevated on the mountain we will be using solid metal framed stilts for the homes foundation.

For the flooring, polished concrete will be utilized, and the structure will be crafted from metal with elegant wood design finishes, creating a striking and resilient combination.

When do I choose what finishes and details in the villa?
You will actually need to do that before you purchase your house as the finishes and extras can potentially increase the amount of your final costs.

What building finishes can I choose?
We will send you a brochure with all the details and pricing upon request.

What (if any) warranty do I get on the construction?
The contractors we work with have a one year guarantee on labor. Like most houses anywhere in the world, this is a standard form of guarantee.

Have all slope analysis, erosion checks, and safety measures been made already?

As an integral part of our pre-construction and infrastructure plan, our Project Management team of engineers have conducted a comprehensive topography analysis of the slopes, erosion checks, soil studies, tree counts, and assessments of water runoffs. These thorough evaluations ensure a well-informed and sustainable approach to our development.

When are communal areas and services expected to be up and running?

Once La Aldea receives approval as a Condominium Regime and construction commences, our aim is to simultaneously develop the communal areas alongside the construction of the first 8 homes in the project. This approach ensures a balanced and well-integrated development process from the outset.

When will construction begin?

Once La Aldea receives approval as a Condominium Regime by the summer or fall 2024, the construction of your home can commence. In some cases, depending on pending approvals, your home's construction may begin even sooner. We are actively seeking to expedite development for the first 8 homes of the project, allowing for a quicker start for those residences.

How fast can my house be built?

A typical time frame for building a 2-3 bedroom house is 8-10 months.

Are there any risks of not getting the needed approvals for either villas or communal areas?
Obtaining approvals for the construction of the villas and communal areas at La Aldea entails no risk. It's primarily a matter of time to secure these approvals. Rest assured that all homes and communal spaces are meticulously designed and constructed in full compliance with the law, under the guidance of La Aldea's experienced engineers and architects.

Is there any risk of increased costs of building etc. for the purchaser?

The risk of building costs increasing is kept to a minimum at La Aldea since we negotiate all material purchases under a single agreement for each phase of the homes. However, to account for inflation and potential supply chain disruptions, a small percentage increase of 5-10% is factored in. Our top priority is to ensure the project stays within our predetermined budgets, benefiting La Aldea as a whole.

How is the capital paid at this first stage guaranteed to be used for the actual home ordered?

As a homeowner, you will directly engage with the construction company, sign the contract and pay for the delivery of your home. Rest assured, La Aldea's team will be there to provide support and assistance in case any issues arise during the construction process of your home.

La Aldea offers the option to provide you with legal representation, ensuring thorough review and verification of the construction documents before signing. This way, we can safeguard your interests and ensure a smooth process.

Amenities / Lifestyle

What are the school options in Nosara?

As our community expands, La Aldea will introduce youth programs centered around the environment, food cultivation, and sustainability. These programs will empower and educate the younger generation on these important life topics.

Numerous parents opt to educate their children in Nosara to fully immerse them in the natural environment. The educational offerings are diverse and emphasize outdoor learning, making the environment a significant influence on how children are educated and nurtured in Nosara.

In Nosara, a wide array of private daycare, child education schools and youth camps awaits, offering diverse options with varying prices. To help you start your research, here are a few available options worth exploring.

Elimar (Daycare to Grade 3)

Nosara Playhouse (Ages 6 - 15)
Montessori & Theatre Instruction

Del Mar Academy (18-Months - 18 Years)
Montessori and International Baccalaureate school

Casa Del Estrellas (Preschool - Grade 6)

HomeSchool Spanish Immersion (Grades 3-8)

Baby Sitters & Nannies: There are caregivers living here year-round, fluent in foreign languages: Italian, French, Hebrew, Spanish, and more. The average rate for multilingual caregivers is between USD 15 to 20 / hour. For full-time caregivers (Spanish speaking only), rates can go from USD $5 / hour and up. 

What activities are available for my kids in Nosara?

Holistic & Wellness Classes: Yoga for kids: for all ages, as well as baby and mom, etc. will be offered at La Aldea. 

Surf Lessons & Camps: Throughout the year, kids can enjoy personalized and group classes tailored to their interests. Additionally, there is a brand new skate park open to the public, providing year-round opportunities for personalized and group skateboarding lessons.

Tide Pools in Playa Pelada: Ideal for young ones in the early stages of learning how to swim, the beautiful tide pools offer a safe and delightful place to splash around.

After School Classes: In town, there are numerous offerings for kids aged 6 and up, including classes in silks, dance, and performance arts. Additionally, personalized swimming lessons are available for children of all ages.

Private Music Lessons: various instruments, singing, and composition for all ages.

Are there any facilities for kids at La Aldea?

At La Aldea, we've created a dedicated recreational area with an outdoor playground that seamlessly blends into the jungle surroundings. Your children will have such a fantastic time that it may be challenging to convince them to leave for supper!

What amenities are included in the HOA annual fees?

As part of our community programming, residents will have access to a range of amenities at La Aldea, including the communal pool, hiking trails, water spring, food forest, co-working space and bonfire terrace. Additionally, complimentary wellness and fitness classes will be available.

For programming outside of our community classes, residents will have the option to purchase these sessions, unless they are reserved for private bookings.

How does the food forest work and how is the food being distributed?

At La Aldea, we prioritize and encourage residents to cultivate their own food right on their property. Our permaculture team will gladly assist you in starting your garden and planting fruit trees.

As you explore the property along our hiking trails, you'll encounter a diverse array of tropical fruit trees, from which you can freely harvest when the fruits are ripe.

Furthermore, the produce from the food forest and communal garden will be made available through our Community Group Chat, where residents can reserve a basket bundle. Additionally, as part of our commitment to the local community, a portion of all food grown will be donated to the local families and residents in our area.

If I need medical assistance, what are my options?

Overall the healthcare in Costa Rica is very good. As this is a place that attracts people looking for extreme sports and wildlife experiences, here is a list of options you have for emergency and non-emergency medical attention.

Here are the most important numbers:
Bomberos: 2682-4911 & 8709-0614 (Fire & Medical Emergency)
Paradise Medical: 2682-1212 (Medical & Dental Care)
Ambulance: 2100-1212 

Paradise Medical Clinic: In Playa Guiones, you'll find the clinic of Dr. Alejandro, Mauricio, and our local dentist, Dra. Laura. They serve the community with their expertise and care.

Emergencies: The closest hospital is about an hour's drive away (45 minutes in emergency). There is also a “LIFE FLIGHT” that can pick you up in Nosara by either plane or helicopter to get you quickly to San Jose. This can be coordinated through local doctors. For time sensitive emergency it is encouraged to have $6000 in cash on hand to pay the helicopter/plane service.

Medical Home Visits: There are doctors on call that can come directly to your home for evaluation and treatment for common ailments that may come on. 

There are also preferred massage therapists, herbalists, osteopaths and other healing modalities that La Aldea can refer you to.

Are pets allowed?

Certainly, pets are allowed at La Aldea; however, we do have certain restrictions concerning the number and types of pets allowed. As we strive to preserve and respect the sensitive nature surrounding the community, we kindly request that you also protect and respect your fellow community members while keeping pets.

Is there a fast internet connection?

Absolutely! The entire La Aldea community, including both homes and common areas, benefits from an excellent high-speed internet connection.

Visa / Immigration Questions

Are there restrictions on travel to and from Costa Rica?

Costa Rica currently has no travel restriction and all borders are open. We recommend that health insurance is purchased before you arrive in Costa Rica.

Do I need a visa to come to Costa Rica?

You can reference this link to see if your country of origin requires a travel visa for its citizens to enter the country. US & Canadian citizens do not need a travel visa and can stay in the country for 90-days before they must do a border run to reset the visa.

From Nosara many people drive to the Costa Rican border of Nicaragua (3.5 hours drive). Or you can fly to any neighboring Central American country for a quick vacation and return to reset your visa.

How hard is it to get a residence permit?

The application process is straightforward, and we can gladly recommend a lawyer to assist our residents with the filing process.

Here are a few residency options you can apply for:

Investor Residency: Individuals who own property valued over $150,000 are eligible for residency, entailing the advantage of tax-free shipping of a container with household items into the country. Moreover, they can also purchase two vehicles, one boat, and one plane tax-free, adding further benefits to their residency status.

Nomad Visa: is one of the most accessible visas. The application process is super easy and quick. The Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa will allow remote workers, business owners, and freelancers to stay in the country for longer than a tourist visa. 

Retirement Visa: Any person over the age of 65 Is eligible to apply.

Nomad Visa: is one of the most accessible visas. The application process is super easy and quick. The Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa will allow remote workers, business owners, and freelancers to stay in the country for longer than a tourist visa.

Do you have any good lawyers you can recommend?


General Questions

Where are you located?

Nosara is nestled within one of the world's 5 blue zones, attracting a vibrant community of global citizens. Here, a relaxed and bohemian lifestyle is cherished, enriched with ample sunshine, yoga, surfing, and a lively nightlife offering excellent cuisine.

La Aldea is located in the San Juan Mountain Range:

  • 15 minutes from Nosara Town

  • 20 minutes from Playa Guiones & Pelada

  • 2.5 hours from Tamarindo

  • 2.5 hours from Liberia

  • 3.5 hours from Santa Teresa

  • 5 hours from San Jose 

For an exact pin location click this link >,-85.604248

Can I come and visit the property?

We would love for you to visit us, explore the property's hiking trails, witness the natural freshwater spring, and embark on a comprehensive tour showcasing the vision and realization of La Aldea.

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What is the typical climate in Costa Rica?
Costa Rica is classified as a tropical country because of its proximity to the equator. Nosara’s seasons are more or less divided into three seasons.

Dry / High Season - December - April:
- Temperatures range from 25-35 Degrees Celsius (77 - 95 Fahrenheit)
- Dry and very hot with very little rain during this period.

Green Season - May - August:
- Temperatures range from 25-35 Degrees Celsius (77 - 95 Fahrenheit)
- Humid and hot with rain every day or two for 2-3 hours.
- During this time, the jungle thrives, coming alive with vibrant shades of green.

Wet Season - September - November:
- Temperatures range from 20 - 30 degrees (68 - 86 Farenheit)
- Wildly unpredictable season that is humid, windy and wet throughout
- The heaviest rains are in October, which can cause mass flooding in town due to the Nosara River rising.
- Expect beautiful sunny days as well.

I do not speak Spanish, will I be ok to communicate?

Indeed, in touristic areas like Nosara, Costa Rica, English is widely spoken. Although the official language is Spanish, you'll find that everyone in Nosara converses fluently in English. Additionally, you won't have any difficulty finding English-speaking professionals such as lawyers, doctors, accountants, as well as various services like restaurants and pharmacies..

What currencies are accepted?

The official currency is Colones, but most of the businesses here receive US dollars and accept major credit and debit cards. You will be able to withdraw cash and multiple ATM’s throughout town.

Will I be close to the beach?

Yes. Nosara and the surrounding area have some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. You will be within 20 - 40 minutes of 7 different beaches from Samara to San Juanilo.

What if I have more questions?

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San Juan Mountain Range | Nosara, Costa Rica

Future 44 Community Limitada

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San Juan Mountain Range | Nosara, Costa Rica

Future 44 Community Limitada

Subscribe To Our Regenerative Lifestyle JOurnal.

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San Juan Mountain Range | Nosara, Costa Rica

Future 44 Community Limitada

Subscribe To Our Regenerative Lifestyle JOurnal.

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